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Workshops and Presentations

PENED conducts a variety of workshops as well as maintains a speakers' bureau. We do offer programs that were developed by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), as well as custom programs designed for your needs. Please contact the PENED office at 412-215-7967 or for more information.

How to Help A Friend

This program was developed by Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention to teach concerned individuals how to best approach the topic of eating disorders and body image with those they care about. Basic educational information is included in this program, as are suggestions and resources for referrals. This program is appropriate for both school and workplace settings.

Know Dieting

"Know Dieting" is a program designed by Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention to educate individuals about the possible adverse consequences of dieting. Our culture is surrounded by the myth that everyone is dieting or should be dieting, and this program refocuses that attention on the importance of taking care of oneself holistically by attending to basic health and wellness issues. Participants will learn about and discuss the dangers of trying to alter one's body shape through dieting, the value of moderate exercising toward stamina and cardiovascular fitness, and the importance of eating a variety of foods in well-balanced meals consumed at least three times a day.

This program is appropriate for school and workplace settings. It is especially directed toward student organizations such as sororities where peer pressure may be high. This program gives individuals the tools to combat the hurtful mythology of the dieting industry.

Speakers' Bureau

PENED operates a speaker's bureau to provide educational presentations for organizations, treatment facilities, schools and businesses. For further information, call Anita at 412-215-7967 to discuss your needs.

Volunteer Opportunities

Skills needed for office work include all or some of the following: good communication and listening skills for telephone work, good organizational skills, computer knowledge and the tolerance to do repetitive work such as mailings, copying and data entry.

If you are interested in joining us in these rewarding personal and professional growth producing efforts, please contact Anita at (412) 215-7967 or email us at