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Online Resources for Eating Disorders

The following online resources are available for further information about eating disorders.

Something Fishy

Contains general information, self-help and personal testimonials on eating disorders and body image issues

National Eating Disorders Association

A national non-profit organization dedicated to prevention and awareness of eating disorders

American Dietetic Association

Clicking on nutrition resources will get you to information about eating disorders, including an extensive nutrition reading list

National Institute of Mental Health

Provides information on a number of mental health issues, including eating disorders

National Institutes of Health

Provides information about a variety of health issues currently under study at the NIH

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

A local (Pittsburgh) treatment facility offering inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs

The Renfrew Center

Has extensive treatment facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania and New York, as well as other areas

Girl Power

A national public education campain to help encourage and motivate 9-14 year old girls to sustain positive values regarding health messages

Gurze Books

Publishes and distributes a wide variety of books dealing with eating disorder and body image issues