The Pennsylvania Educational Network for Eating Disorders

North Hills Village Mall
4801 McKnight Rd., RM 205
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237


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Volunteering and Fundraising

PENED is a volunteer-driven organization. We are constantly seeking to expand our volunteer and fundraising network in several areas. Help is currently needed in the following areas:

Community Outreach and Education - seeking general assistance

Volunteers must be available during school hours and able to follow a flexible schedule, as well as be comfortable with speaking and performing. Individuals able to provide written and technical help also appreciated. A basic knowledge of eating disorders, self-esteem and prevention issues is required.


PENED has a strong and continuous need for financial support in order to keep our services active. Donations are needed, as are ideas and support for extensive fundraising.

Volunteer Opportunities

Skills needed for office work include all or some of the following: good communication and listening skills for telephone work, good organizational skills, computer knowledge and the tolerance to do repetitive work such as mailings, copying and data entry.

If you are interested in joining us in these rewarding personal and professional growth producing efforts, please contact Anita at (412) 215-7967 or email us at